Dye with the Pastel, a unique, artistic and patrimonial adventure !  Two rare offers...

 "Hands-on workshop"

Group reservations available, 10 persons minimum.


Spend up to two hours learning about Pastel, it’s long, rich history and use.

In this hands-on workshop you can dye your own fabric sample with Pastel and receive a hand-dyed chèche scarf by Annette Hardouin for every participant.

This workshop is a first-time approach to working with Pastel during which you can see if you’d like to pursue Pastel- dyeing even further.


Price 43 €/per person or fixed price 430 €.

"Our Special Offer"

A unique, magical moment to discover the passion of  Pastel dye!


In this real Pastel dye immersion experience, you’ll dye the pieces you have brought yourself!
Spend 3 hours with Annette Hardouin, Master Dyer, who will share this long-forgotten regional heritage and initiate you in the age-old art of artisanal hand-dyeing.


Here are 3 good reasons to participate:
- Enjoy a once in a life-time magical, creative experience
- Have the privilege of being a blue dyer artisan apprentice
- Share the passion of this lost art


Price per person: 180 €

To book to call us at +33 562 791 791 or leave a message on our contact form



To discover the regional heritage

To have the privilege to become a woad dyer

To live a magical and mysterious day

To spend a wonderful day and share these moments with others