The woad dye workshops

A singular sensation in Europe ! Dyeing Days with pastel (woad) in the “Pays de Cocagne”, close to Toulouse (Midi-Pyrenées)

Once the unique colour of the Kings of France, this royal blue was, and still is the result of the mysterious alchemy between a green leaf, water and air!

The dye workshops AHPY-Creation Annette Hardouin offers are an adventure in history, art and textile.
The day starts with an introduction to the history of woad in France and Europe.
Then, comes the magic moment of hand dyeing when you become all of sudden part of a secret circle and are initiated to the mysteries of a colour that comes out yellow, turns green and explodes into a fabulous blue, each time unique and magnificent.

The Woad Dye Workshops
Wether you are a textile dyer or just simply interested in experiencing hand dyeing, these workshops are for you.

Practical information
Bring clothing that can be stained or wet and either boots or sandals if the weather allows it.
For the best dye results, please keep in mind that you should come with around 12 to 15 pieces of clothes or fabric cuts (please no bed linen, no large tablecloths). The textiles have to be of natural fibres: cotton, silk, linen, viscose, wool, etc.

Attention : no natural plant dyes can be put on synthetic material – polyester….. nylon etc). If in doubt: Ask Annette Hardouin.
The textiles should be white or ivory, clean and not have been prewashed with any chemical whitener. Woad does not hide or cover stains.
To take home your dyed fabric, please have plastic bags with you, as the pieces you have dyed may still be wet.
The Woad Workshop in the “Pays de Cocagne”, (Midi-Pyrenées) normally takes place in the park of the Château of Loubens-Lauragais (31), 20 minutes from Toulouse .


Price : 180 € including coffee, tea and lunch together in the village's "Auberge de Loubens of Marie-Pascale". Gloves and apron provided.